Shipping and delivery

How are the calendars packaged?

Single copies of the large calendar are rolled and inserted into a 60 mm postal tube and sealed with end caps.

Single copies of the small calendar are packed in a sturdy, rigid envelope.

Multiple copies of the large calendar are packed in a single box or 'flat-pack'—one, two, three, five, seven, ten, 15 or 20 calendars per box. Flat-packs offer better value for money than purchasing multiple single calendars in tubes. Flat-packs containing two or three calendars are more economical this year than previously.

Please note: we do not combine multiple products shipping to the same address into one package.

How are calendars delivered within Australia?

Calendars are delivered in Australia by Australia Post.

Australia Post advises that items are generally delivered between 8 am and 5 pm. If the delivery will not fit into a letterbox and no one is home, the driver will usually return the parcel to the local Australia Post outlet and leave a card in the letterbox notifying you of the location of the outlet.

Australia Post also has a policy of 'safe drop' parcel delivery. If the item will not fit into a letterbox and no one is home, the driver will leave it in a safe location not visible from the street or susceptible to damage, such as under a carport, veranda or porch, behind a plant pot, or behind a flyscreen door. A notification card will be left in the letterbox indicating where the calendar has been dropped.

More information: Australia Post—Regular Parcel Delivery. 

How long will domestic deliveries take?

Australia Post states that it can deliver items about one to five business days after the item is lodged. However, in our experience, calendars can be delivered up to four weeks after lodgement, due to the busy Christmas–New Year period.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes! We ship the large tube and small A4 calendars worldwide.

Please note that the large calendars in flat-packs are not available for delivery outside of Australia.

How are the calendars delivered overseas?

International airmail orders for large tube and small A4 calendars are lodged with Quantium Solutions, flown to the destination country and delivered through the national postal service.

How long will international deliveries take?

Quantium Solutions’ delivery times are: New Zealand, six to eight days; Asia–Pacific, seven to ten days; and the rest of the world, seven to 17 days. The quoted delivery times are indicative only and are based on average transit times in working days, excluding the collection day. In our experience, deliveries may take up to six weeks.

Can I track my delivery?

Yes, depending on which calendars you have ordered. 

Australia Post provides a tracking service on flat-pack and tube orders via their eParcel system. When your order is dispatched, you will receive an email with instructions on how to track it.

Tracking is not available for small calendars or international deliveries.

What is the total cost of calendars with shipping?

Please see the table below for the total cost of each calendar product with postage and packing.

Product Description



Rest of

New Zealand


Rest of

Large tube












Large flat-pack x 1



Not available

outside Australia

Multiple large flat-pack x 2



Multiple large flat-pack x 3



Multiple large flat-pack x 5



Multiple large flat-pack x 7



Multiple large flat-pack x 10



Multiple large flat-pack x 15



Multiple large flat-pack x 20



* Prices exclude GST.

What is P&H?

P&H refers to postage and handling. Calendars are advertised on this website excluding these costs. P&H costs are available on the individual calendar products pages and are added to the total of your order upon confirmation of your shipping destination.